Friday, 24 May 2013

Journal club May 29, 2013

Intraoral and transcutaneous cervical ultrasound in the differential diagnosis of peritonsillar cellulitis and abscesses.

Bernardo Cunha Araujo Filho, Flavio A. Sakae, Luiz Ubirajara Sennes, Rui Imamura, Marcus R. de


Journal club goes international this month - see you there!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Hong Kong - Shenzhen EM Conference

This post comes a bit late after my return, but things are fast and furious! The sabbatical ended with participation in the Hong Kong - Shenzhen EM Conference. This was a fantastic experience and introduced me to the challenges of communicating with physicians where English is a second or third language. Ever heard of Shen-Fu Injections for post-cardiac arrest syndromes! I certainly had not until this conference. By communicating and reading only in English -- are we missing out what the rest of the world has to offer?